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How Body By Chosen Changes Lives – Our Story

If you’ve never walked into a Body By Chosen gym, it’s probably hard to understand how a small gym quickly became a company that changes lives through fitness.

A bold claim, right? Well, at the risk of sounding arrogant, we truly believe in these words because they are not our thoughts, but the thoughts of our amazing clients. We are incredibly lucky to meet and work with our clients every single day. It’s through them, that all of this is possible.

To understand the truth about how Body By Chosen became what it is now, let’s ask the very people who started it.

Join us as we dive into a short and sweet summary of all the stories and anecdotes about the birth of Body By Chosen. We hope this inspires you on just how impactful one simple idea can be.

Meet Dwayne Delves, aka @chosenboss. 10 years ago, Dwayne came up with an idea for a unique approach to personal training. It wasn’t until 2009 that it started to become a reality.

Dwayne’s life flourished in movement. By experimenting with basic styles of bodyweight training, calisthenics and boxing, he quickly became obsessed with the idea of helping people. This humble desire led Dwayne to seek out every opportunity to improve people’s lives, promote a healthy lifestyle and challenge others to become better everyday. 

Because of Dwayne’s tenacity, and the power of social media, new clients start approaching him. Elated, and without a proper gym to call home, Dwayne needed to get creative. Often times, training sessions would be held in friends basements, parks and gyms spread throughout Toronto. Client after client, the picture started to become clearer for Dwayne: Body By Chosen could become a world class life-changing company. But only if he dared it to be.

With his dream and passion, Dwayne assembled a team of elite trainers, coaches, and smart minds. Using social media, Body By Chosen created an online community of loyal followers, emphasizing on the values of community, family and health.

Co-Founder and President, Sean Maingot, also known as XP definitely believes in the power of community.

“Body By Chosen is a community of individuals from different walks of life that have developed a family-like culture that thrives off the support and is obsessed with constant growth. Fitness is what brings us together but not what keeps us connected.” 

As is true with every business, there can be no “what” without a “why”. Body By Chosen is all about creating opportunity and positive change. Our why is to move you towards living out a life you are proud of through health and fitness. For some, your “why” may be to create a better future for yourself, and for your family. For others, you may be in it to further your personal development.

Whatever your “why”, fitness is about challenging yourself and pushing your limits. The same is true for everything you want in life. However, it’s important to note that this growth mentality is nothing if you aren’t practicing what you preach. Doing the work and walking the talk is the key element to Body By Chosen’s success.