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Our hand picked trainers have an extensive knowledge in fitness that will get you the quickest results and the best experience!


Mississauga Here We Are!

Our "Chosen Functional Training" or "CFT" as we like to call it, will take your group training to the next level


Are you ready to be CHOSEN?

We are more than just fitness. We are a family. Our Less Talk More Action philosophy will become part of your training!

3-4190 Sladeview Crescent. Mississauga, ON L5L 0A1

We are proud to introduce a new branch of Body By Chosen’s intense bootcamps in Mississauga. We partnered up with Crossfit Crosscheck and are currently operating under the same roof. It is exciting for us to announce a great range of amazing bootcamps to turn up a notch in your fitness.

Current Bootcamps & Services

9:00 am
11:00 am
12:00 pm
6:00 pm
7:00 pm


By appointment only

Take your body to the next level with specialized
one on one personal training

*For more info contact Mike Hannon

People Say Amazing Things About Us

Pricing & Membership Options


$ 20.00

Per Session
  • 50 Minute Sessions
  • Choose from Boxing, Calisthenics, HIIT & more!
  • Morning, Noon and Evening bootcamps available

5 Passes

$ 80.00

Valid for 1 Month
  • Buy 5 Bootcamp Passes to use in a month
  • Save $20
  • No Monthly Commitment

10 PassesMost Popular

$ 140.00

Valid for 1 Month
  • Buy 10 Bootcamp Passes to use in 1 month
  • Save $60
  • No Monthly Commitment


$ 250.00

Per Month
  • Enjoy access to all of our Toronto Bootcamps
  • More than 12 classes per week
  • No Monthly Commitment

Exclusive Online Offer!

For limited time only!
10 Pass Punchcard ($140 value) for $100

This is all the info we need to give you this amazing deal!

What’s In it For You?

Built on Social Trust

We entered the fitness industry landscape by building trust on Instagram. Today, over 80% of our clients first meet us on social media. We have 100% of our Facebook reviews at 5-star rating.

Special Atmosphere

Both of our gyms feature an open space design with only the necessary equipment. It’s our people’s knowledge, expertise and human skills that create value for our clients. Not rows of machines.

Fit for Anyone

We alleviate all fears and insecurities by giving the option to clients to join Beginner or Advanced program classes.

Elite Trainers & Role Models

Every trainer that we have has first joined us as an athlete, a brand ambassador, or a community builder. We are proud to say that we have top level trainers in the city who compete at world level tournaments, show great fit for our LTMA philosophy, and serve as exceptional role models in their communities.

Innovation makes us unique

There will never be a day when you do same thing at our workouts. A lifestyle is built around variety of exercises that challenge your whole body. Expect to climb, pull, push, jump, run, box, throw and hold. The one word you will never say at our gym is “boring”

Be part of a real family

We will say it again- we are a family with a common vision, shared beliefs, unbroken loyalty and high-level goals for ourselves and our clients. By joining our family you will have opportunities to be part of our kids initiatives, mentorship events, toy drives, community workouts, and competitions. We seek to drive changes in the world around us. Less Talk More Action.

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3-4190 Sladeview Crescent
Mississauga, ON L5L 0A1