Body By Chosen is a Toronto Gym located right in the heart of downtown within walking distance from the Dundas Square, Eaton Centre and Ryerson University. Inside our 2,000 sq. ft. boutique-style fitness house hides a boxing/boot camp studio and fully-equipped training space where transformations happen everyday.

As soon as you walk into our gym you will feel welcomed and invited and most importantly, ready to train with Body By Chosen’s elite personal trainers. Not just a gym, our fundamental values are: creating a tightly-bonded community, a team-spirited approach to training, and a lifestyle committed to a healthy body and strong mind.

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Our Bootcamps

This 50-minute circuit – based class is dedicated to toning, sculpting, and challenging your core. Both the heavy core training components and core stability sequences will target everything from your abdominal, lower back, and full body.

The booty bootcamp is designed to burn fat, tone and shape the butt and legs. This 50 minute workout is focused and targets exclusively the lower body parts using a variety of training styles and techniques.

A high energy and intensity class that incorporates various types of workout regimes; tabata, intervals, circuit training, or strength training for a total body workout.
HIIT is an abbreviation for High Intensity Interval Training. This class is designed to keep your heart rate up in the highest anaerobic “fat burning” zone. By using both body weight and weighted equipment such as dumbbells and kettle-bells, circuits are created for you to build strength and endurance. Every workout is different and challenging in its own way.
All levels are welcome, but come ready to push yourself, work hard and sweat!
Kickboxing: Teaching of basic fundamentals & techniques in kickboxing . Full body conditioning. Learn basic combinations and how to put punches and kicks together. No equipment necessary just be ready to sweat and work hard.

Boxing class: Teaching basic & advanced punching techniques and combinations. Various drills, pad work, bag work and foot work. Learn to move and react like an actual boxer. Full body conditioning building the body and the mind.

The 30 min Morning bootcamp Is a great way to kickstart your day. It is 30 minutes of dynamic high intensity full body circuit training leading to EPOC (also called the Afterburn) Excess Post-exercise oxygen consumption. This will having you sweating even after the workout and burn double the calories!

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The Body by Chosen training has empowered me in a profound way which, in turn, had a positive effect on so many personal and professional aspects of my life. It is admirable how their team of trainers is transforming individuals and communities for the better

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$ 20.00

Per Session
  • 50 Minute Sessions
  • Choose from Boxing, Calisthenics, HIIT & more!
  • Morning, Noon and Evening bootcamps available

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  • Save $60
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$ 250.00

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  • Enjoy access to all of our Toronto Bootcamps
  • More than 12 classes per week
  • No Monthly Commitment
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