Body By Chosen is more than just fitness training – it is a lifestyle and big family of like-minded individuals

Our roots lay with the exceptionally inspiring personal story of our Founder and CEO, Dwayne Delves, whose life circumstances made him realize that fitness could be life-changing, empowering and team-driven. In 2009, Dwayne started his business as a personal boxing trainer with only 3 clients and no gym to call his own.

Six years later, under Dwayne’s leadership, Body By Chosen has become a fast-growing fitness movement that employs over 10 full-time and mobile certified trainers, has its own mentorship division which has worked with thousands of kids at city shelters and schools, brings together top Canadian bar athletes under Team Chosen banner, and impacts the lives of over 100 clients weekly with a range of bootcamps and personal training sessions at a modern facility in downtown Toronto.

Body By Chosen team is working around the clock to show people they CAN achieve anything with strong body and mind and fitness is only the start.

“Body By Chosen are true professionals who care about helping people improve their lives and helping out in their community. They continuously demonstrate a high level of commitment and professionalism. No one can match their work ethic.”

-Sally Farrell, VP of Human Resources
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Bigger than fitness

Youth Mentorship

Athletes & Certified Trainers

Less Talk More Action Philosophy

Globally-Recognized Bar Athletes

Community Leaders

We are a driven, passionate and “hungry” group of trainers and athletes. We have built ourselves from ground up rising above failure, dire circumstances, social pressures and violence.

Meet #TeamChosen

Instead of just delivering fitness training, we help shape our clients’ life style and philosophy expanding their level of norm. From training to the limits to eating clean to playing active role in the community are the elements of our strong culture which you will be immersed into from your first visit.

We are in the business of showing people that they can. They can become anybody. They can be good citizens and role models. They can become stronger mentally and physically. They can succeed no matter the start. Visiting our gym will forever change your perception of what you can. Proven with actions, not just words.


With our wide range of elite personal trainers working full-time, you can be confident you will find the one that matches your needs, schedule, and energy level.

Toronto Location

195 Church Street
Toronto M5B 1Y7
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Reach out. Take action!

Community Mentorship

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”

We love kids. We invest our time in them. Their health is the health of our communities and entire nation. They are the future.

Find out how we can make your community physically active. Through Mentorship By Chosen, a non-profit organization that aims to better the future of youth, you can help us make a change.

Invite us to your community.

Team Chosen

Many are called, Few are chosen

We train like no one else!

Dynamic, creative and intense workouts

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