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Welcome to the Chosen Family

The difference lies in our approach. You’re not just a client, you’re part of a growing movement. We treat everyone like family. It’s part of our culture and is part of the recipe for successful lifestyle transformations. Come join us and experience the most personal take on personal training.

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Delivering life-changing results through action.

Being actively engaged, listening, caring, responding and, delivering results are all a part of our team’s DNA. See our trainers in action.

The most fundamental belief that binds us entirely as a whole at Body by Chosen could be spelled in four words: Less Talk More Action. It is the single most powerful statement that is always encouraged at our gym.  These words shape our lifestyles, help deliver results for all our clients, and create life-changing opportunities above and beyond their fitness goals. Come and unlock your LTMA spirit.

Our promises to you go beyond training

Laser Focused

Everything starts with a 1-on-1 fitness assessment and sit down to talk about your goals, lifestyle, nutrition, and motivation. Every detail matters.


Communication is essential for our trainer-client relationships at Body by Chosen. Any trainer that you partner up with is committed to providing you with instant 24/7 support. Text, DM, or call; we are always on.

Wealth of Motivation

As a lifestyle and fitness training company, we engage in social media promoting healthy choices, accessible training, and proper nutrition creating additional space for our clients to be inspired and more informed.

Elite Coaches

Every trainer that we have has first joined us as an athlete, a brand ambassador, or a community builder. Not only do our trainers aim to help achieve their clients’ goals, but they continuously train as a team to maintain that spirit of family.

Family Atmosphere

Whether you are joining one of our bootcamps or working 1/1 with one of our elite coaches, our clients embrace the inclusiveness of feeling like they are a part of a very close-knit, family-like community.

More Than Fitness

While training at Body by Chosen, you will quickly learn that fitness is one of the many attributes we offer. We are more than just fitness and the social media buzz.


With our wide range of elite personal trainers working full-time, you can be confident you will find the one that matches your needs, schedule, and energy level.

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